Sunday, May 29, 2011

utensil holder

I've been wanting to make a utensil holder for some time now.

Since today is very rainy and I'm stuck indoors, I decided to keep myself busy with this project.

I put two pieces of scrap fabric together and made this based on a roll-up type holder a friend had given me.

Her roll-up holder was made from a face towel.

My utensil holder holds, forks, spoons, chopsticks, butter knives & an area for tissues.

My fabric wasn't straight to begin with so when I sewed it together, it didn't come out straight either.

Anyway, I like how this turned out. I also recycled a stretchy ribbon that came with some's like a big fabric rubber band.


Suze said...

Very nice! It looks straight to me. I haven't been able to sew since...I don't know when...2 months ago maybe?? I've been going through withdrawls...hopefully I'll have time's done. YAY!

K and S said...

I hope you'll be able to get some sewing time in Suze :)

Take care.