Wednesday, November 29, 2006

peyote stitch channel ring

I bought these channel rings online and stitched a ring into the channels using the peyote stitch. My favorite is the white one.

Friday, November 17, 2006

other crafts

A crocheted scarf.

A crocheted brooch with beads.

A pot holder and tea cosy for my host-sister.

Mini-bead purses.

Several bags which I sewed.

bead stitch-intermediate level

The intermediate level included the brick stitch.

Right-angle weave pearl bracelet.

A needle case cover using the peyote stitch.

And a lariat using the herringbone stitch and venetian beads.

bead stitch-beginner level

The beginner level of bead stitch started off with the peyote stitch rings.

A spiral stitch necklace.

A daisy chain bracelet.

A netting stitch necklace.

bead crochet-specialty level

The final level before recieving my certification was called specialty level and included projects such as a mini-bag pendant.

Another "gorgeous" necklace.

A necklace made using all the little bits of sterling silver wire, melded together and then crocheted.

A little doll.

bead crochet-advanced level

The advanced level projects included a crescent necklace.

A napkin ring.

A choker using a twisting method.

A 3-layer dome ring.

bead crochet-intermediate level

The intermediate level--a wide bracelet

Domed ring and clip-on earrings

A brooch

bead crochet-beginners level

Bead crochet uses sterling silver wire and semi-precious beads.

Here is a cell phone strap using semi-precious crystals.

And a long necklace.

Bracelet, earrings and ring using tourmaline and swarovskis.

bead skill-specialty level

The specialty level class was the level right before receiving my beads skill certification.

Cell phone straps woven with "tegusu" with a flower pattern (monotone).

And a cell phone strap, using 9-pins to create a flower pattern (colorful).

Our last project was called "gorgeous" necklace. I wonder when the Queen of England will invite me over for tea...

bead skill-advanced level

The advanced class included a necklace using Tpins and 9-pins.

A 2-layer ring using "tegusu"

A 3-layer ring using "tegusu"

And a lariat and domed ring using bead balls

bead skill-intermediate level

The next level was an intermediate level.

Our first project was a necklace using "tegusu" to make a choker. This one was tough, because the beads are clear and so is the "thread".

Next was a glasses cord made with 9-pins and T-pins.

A bracelet using the "hachi-ami" or weaving to look like the number 8--sorry I don't know what it is called in English.

Mini purses using "tegusu"

bead skill-beginner level

The next level called beginner level, included these projects.

A necklace using 1 "thread" called "tegusu" it looks like fishing line.

A necklace using nylon cord wire and "tsubushidama" (crimp beads).

Earrings using 9-pins (eye pins) and T-pins (head pins)

Using "tegusu" weaving a 1-layer ring

Using "tegusu" weaving a 2-layer ring

bead skill-introductory class

I started beading about 3 years ago as a favor to Satoshi. He needed people to fill his quota for membership at a company culture class.

Here was our first project, a Rondele ring.

Next, a necklace using nylon cord wire and a bead ball.

A ring that was made to look like a cross.

A bracelet using an eye pin (it is called 9-pin in Japanese because it looks like the number 9).

A necklace using nylon cord wire.