Thursday, November 8, 2007

herring bone margaret brooch & scarf

Here is the finished brooch, it is made using the herring bone stitch. The leaves are made using the brick stitch.

My student taught me how to make this scarf. It is made using the chain stitch. Make a long chain for the length of the scarf then go through each link and make a chain stitch but pull the yarn through the link to about 4-6 cm long, do this for the length of the scarf. It only took 2 hours and 2 balls of yarn. I bought the yarn at the 100 yen (US $1) store, so it only cost me 200 yen (US$2)! Depending on the type of yarn you use, your frills can be thicker or thinner. My beads teacher loved this and wants to try making it herself! (sorry, I learned crochet in Japanese, so I know the terms in Japanese, I hope you can understand how to make this!)


beadexplorer said...

Yeah, the scarf is very fancy. That's funny that 100 yen store exist in Japan ... We have 1 Euro shops everywhere.
You know that I also love the flower brooch. It turned out very neatly. The brick stitch leaves are wonderful as well.

K & S said...

I think it is cool that you have 1 euro shops in Europe, Beadexplorer!

Thanks for stopping by, take care.

The Lone Beader said...

How long did the scarf take to make/?

K & S said...

Hi Lone Beader,

The scarf took 2 hours to make. It was quite fast.

Take care.