Friday, July 20, 2007

griffin silk cord necklace/lariat

I finished the necklace in my previous post, but I want it to be checked by my teacher before I post about it, so I'll probably post about this necklace next week.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you a necklace/lariat that I made using Griffin silk cord. I used carnelian chips, some turquoise and some colored shell flowers. It is very versatile.

By attaching a clasp at one end, you can clamp onto any area and use this as a lariat.

And by putting a large stone at the end, you can clamp onto the end and use this as a necklace.

It took awhile to make this, but I'm happy with the results. The thing I really like about the Griffin cord is that there is a needle already attached, so there is no need to worry about threading the needle.


The Lone Beader said...

This necklace reminds me of some of the jewelry made by Native Americans with the little stone animal beads. It looks GREAT! :)

K & S said...

Thanks Lone beader!

Take care.

beadexplorer said...

This is a nice assortment of shells and stone chips. The colours are well-chosen as well. It is not "too" coloured and so it looks very elegant!!! And yes, it looks a little bit like Native American beadwork to me. But I have to admit that I do not know much about it.

K & S said...

Thank you Beadexplorer. This technique is currently popular here in Japan. Using the griffin silk cord and tying knots around each stone, pearl, whatever to create your own necklaces.

Take care.